Shark Society since 1999 worldwide
Shark Society was founded in the late 80's by Tom Kr. a scuba dive enthusiast with welding and metal-construction and commercial diving background. He was since that time (and before) in either southern California, Costa Rica, Thailand, Egypt and/or South Africa based.
Tom is German, (that explains his terrible English - he does have no other excuse!) and his ratings in PADI and DAN are up to-date and he is very much interested to uphold the newest scuba industry standards.

We have had with our valued clients dived in such places as the Red Sea (Hurghada - Sha'ab Abu Nuhas/Ghiannis D. - Carless Reef, Sharm el Sheikh - Thistlegorm - White Knights),the Maledives (Maayaafushi),Thailand (Phuket) and South Africa (Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks) After including beautiful Baja Sur,(coming from San Diego we have been diving C.S.L. and Socorro Islands before) at the most southern tip of the Baja California.

Shark Society did not operate as an full-fledged Dive Charter for some time and was locally connected to an tourism operation that did not much concern the original background of Shark Society, scuba diving and the love for sharks. Hooked by the diving, T.K returned to his roots and Shark Society is back to his old operation modus, overseen by Tom and operating with selected staff.

We live by the saying "scuba divers are the modern gypsy's" and pending on season / dive conditions we do operate out of different "base camps" at locations we do promote.

Shark Society is a small enterprise, the staff - we don't like to talk about "employees" or "job", everybody loves what he is doing - are all PADI member of different nationality s, with plenty of experience and shark diving enthusiasts and operate Shark Society at the same professional level and with the same commitment that made this outfit an small, personalized operation with many returning clients.

More - divers that come as clients and leave as friends.

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