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Isla Guadalupe

Great White Shark
Great White Sharks have long been hated and persecuted. This attitude about one of the apex predators on this planet has undergone a change within the past 10 years.
With a new breed of eco-adventurer's, educational campaigns and protecting laws by many countries Great White Sharks are not displayed as senseless killing machines anymore.

The Great White Shark is a great creation of nature as many Shark Divers did observe during their shark diving excursion and we at Shark Society are glad to offer you an outstanding opportunity on one of the finest expedition vessels to participate in caged shark dives with Great White Sharks!

One of these location we have in our program for this thrilling adventure are the waters of the Pacific Ocean around the Isla Guadalupe in Mexico. Guadalupe Island has a "resident" population of Great Whites in clear, calm waters waiting at you! For the fall of 2009 we have several scheduled trips, from Ensenada and/or San Diego to see the Carcharodon carcharias (latin name for the Great White Shark). This underwater adventure is as well suitable for for "non-divers"! The protecting cages are attached to a state of the art expedition vessel in the waters around the Isla Guadalupe.

Shark diving is for several years a new trend and every year many people travel to remote destinations in the world to see and dive with sharks. There are over 400 species of shark in the oceans and virtually every ocean on this earth has sharks. You been reading this far - you are interested!! Be one of the scuba divers that travel with anticipation and nerves to see sharks and return educated, fascinated and full of love and respect for sharks.

Great White

On these outstanding five day expeditions, starting from San Diego on a long range sport-fishing / diving vessels. Not only will you experience some of the best shark diving at the northern hemisphere, you have also the opportunity for some world-class fishing. Guadalupe has long been known as a world-class sport-fishing destination, famous for large Yellow Fin and Blue Fin Tuna and many other prized gamefish. Over the years this very remote island has become notorious for the abundance of White Sharks.
Please contact us for booking / reservation information and pricing of these limited trips.