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Tofo Beach – Inhambane

Mozambique Scuba
Tofo Beach in the Inhambane Province, located about 22km from the City of Inhambane. The beaches around Tofo Bay are some of the best in the world. Scuba divers have a choice of 17 plus dive sites. The biggest attraction of Tofo's divesites are the plentiful presence of Manta Rays and Whale Sharks at almost all reefs.
Inhambane means the place of the friendly people in the local language.
Inhambane Province is located in the South of Mozambique, about 420 km
from capital city Mozambique (Maputo).
Great divesites as Tofo Beach require a little more "prep-work" to go to. Make sure you read the refering section in the Travel Infos section to know what is required for your scuba vacation.
You will find there also usable info regarding accommodations we can offer at Tofo Beach.
Chamber of Secrets, Krakatoa, Manta Reef, Pria da Rocha, Philosophers Stone and Amazon are some of the outstanding divesites that can be dived from Tofo Beach.
As usual at the southern Indian Ocean in Southafrica and Mozambique the launch to the divesites is done with twin powered semiridgid boats which are equipped with all the necessary safety gear.
Besides of an incredible sight of many tropical fish and marine life is at many reefs and divesites the presence of Manta Rays and Whalesharks an outstanding attraction for scuba divers. This divesites are one of the best you ever will visit!

15 to 30 meters of visibility with water temperatures between 29° and 23° make for scuba divers the plunge into the sea around Tofo Beach and viewing this enticing territory a pleasure. For the avid and adventurous explorer is Mozambique scuba diving an once in a lifetime experience. Accommodation can be provided in a typical lodge with a five star restaurant and bar facility on the premises overlooking Tofo Bay. For the different options regarding the accommodation for scuba divers please see the info section.
Situated on the beach, access is by foot and no vehicles are required should you wish to go and have a quiet swim in the clear warm water in the bay. The lodges property borders onto the high water mark and allows guests a wonderful view of the whole bay.

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