Aliwal Shoal guided scuba diving with sharks
Shark Society scuba diving divine worldwide!
Diving is an adventurous sport. Interaction with marine animals is the greatest thrill. Sharks, most of which are harmless, strike fear into the majority of people - but there are also divers who love them and will do anything to see the larger ones in their natural environment.
Are you one of "them" and dig shark-diving? So do we!
Welcome to Shark Society, the underwater adventures provider with great places to go scuba diving, a great team to assist and guide you, several shark-diving locations worldwide.

We are glad to share our knowledge about sharks with you, make your vacation with shark scuba dives an unforgettable shark-diving adventure.

For the scuba-diving novice that "runs" into this website surfing the net: scuba diving is a excellent recreational activity, scuba diving with sharks is in no way different.
Shark-diving is to our opinion safe like regular scuba-diving, stay within the rules, respect the sharks and there natural habitat, educate yourself about shark-diving and listen to the experienced shark-divers and you are in for a very special treat.
We hope shark-society can do his part to introduce you to this magnificent animals with some great shark-dives. If you are searching for an adventure vacation, planing your next scuba travel, then you're in the right place. If not, you may still enjoy browsing our web site and who knows?
Maybe get hooked ;-)

Shark Society Raggeth Tooth Shark Alial Shoal

Why Shark Alley?
It's not always easy to name the different pages.
You been diving Aliwal Shoal and went along Shark Alley? Many holes and overhangs to check out, place to go and explore coming from Raggies Cave - just like our website.
Many places to go and see and hopeful entertaining for you.
Raggies Crossing at Aliwal Shoal Shark Alley