Aliwal Shoal Scuba Dive

Aliwal Shoal is approximately 45 minutes drive south from Durban. Selected as one of the top ten dives sites of the world by the Diver Magazine, the Shoal is a absolute "must do" for every shark diver.
During the months of June through to November you can expect to see Ragged Tooth Sharks (Raggies) as they congregate on the Shoal to mate.
 It is not uncommon to find 15 to 70 of these ferocious looking but docile animals on a single dive. In summer you have every chance of seeing Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads.
Depending on conditions the best dives are Cathedral, Raggie Cave and Shark Alley.
Should you tire of the sharks, you can always dive on any of the wrecks and see huge Brindle Bass.

Other species (depending on the season) to see are Manta, Devil and other Rays, schools of pelagic fish, whales, dolphins. Visibility varies from 5 to 40 meters, and the water temperature in summer is 24+ degrees Celsius and in winter not colder than 19 degrees Celsius. The depths vary between 6 to 18 meters with 30 meter sites for the suitably qualified scuba diver. 

The majority of the diving is done at the early hours with the first launch as early as between 6:00 and 7:00 am. Most all dives are drift dives with a current of 2 to 5 knots (very rarely at the Shoal) and more common at the Protea Banks.

Diving is an adventurous sport

Diving is an adventurous sport. Interaction with marine animals is the greatest thrill. Sharks, most of which are harmless, strike fear int...

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