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Mozambique offers pristine beaches, warm waters and unspoiled reefs. Scuba diving here is truly world class. Mozambique has steadily established itself as one of the top dive destinations in the world. Divers come to Mozambique to swim with the giant Whale sharks that frequent the waters of this beautiful coastline.
The small town of Praia do Tofo (pronounced Torfu) is the home the of largest concentration of Whale sharks in Africa. To get to Tofo you have to travel through the city of Inhambane. Many tourists are under the impression that they can dive from Inhambane itself but in actual fact there is only a harbor in the town and the diving resorts lie about an hour’s drive from Inhambane.
Whale sharks snorkel trip run on a daily basis from most dive centers in Tofo. Whale sharks are friendly and curious creatures, sometimes even coming up to the boat and divers.
Another reason for divers to put Mozambique on their must-dive list would be the friendly but huge Manta rays.
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Two new species of Manta rays has recently been discovered on Manta Reef in Tofo. The species have not even been named yet as they were only discovered mid 2009. Scuba divers certainly have a lot to look forward to.

Apart from these two gentle ocean giants, Mozambique has amazing reefs as well as some great shark reefs more to the South. Diving in this country offers great variety.
Mozambique is also known for its dolphin swimming and whale watching. Avid shark divers should definitely visit Mozambique’s top two shark reefs, Pinnacles and Pandaine Express.
The new dive destination of Zavora, Mozambique, now also welcomes divers to come and enjoy their sharks, Manta rays, whales and wrecks.


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