Diving is an adventurous sport

Diving is an adventurous sport. Interaction with marine animals is the greatest thrill. Sharks, most of which are harmless, strike fear int...


We are lots in the water with sharks, however - messages in a floating bottle not the preferred way to get in touch with us - instead use our mailform below!! ;-) If you contact us with an sharkdiving inquiry, here's a list of possible topics you may want to cover. None of them is mandatory, we just list them here to give you hints about what type of information can help:

  • your level of dive certification
  • have you done shark dives before?
  • if so, what locations
  • did you participate at PADI Shark Awareness course
  • you prefer small group or single guided dives;
  • do you need rental equipment;
  • do you plan to photo / video.

Please consider: If you are using a Free Mail account ( such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMX etc ) we urge you to please supply an alternative email address. From time to time we do experience problems with delivery of correspondence to these addresses. Please be aware: Fields marked do need to be filled in otherwise the form cannot be send by the system.